JUST KIDDING is comprised of Lynn Quinones, Guitar/Mandolin/Vocals,
and Jill Cruey, Fiddle/Banjo/Vocals.

Lynn and Jill encourage an awareness of the music they love through the use of play party games, old-time fiddle tunes, story songs and parody. The audience is encouraged to participate in the music and mood by playing along with a variety of folk instruments. Performing for 200 plus audiences throughout California, Just Kidding has been delighting kids of all ages for over 15 years. Lynn and Jill also founded the Alhambra Valley Band, a popular San Francisco Bay Area group of performers specializing in Bluegrass, Traditional and Original New Grass Music. Kids Singing

The focus of our program is to invite the audience to become actively involved in the creative process of Traditional American Music.

Washboards * Sandblocks * Bones
Shakers * Limberjack * Gutbucket
Spoons * Tambourine * Singing
Dancing * Play Party Games



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"While completing the studies for my elementary teaching credential I was a substitute teacher. I experienced many classrooms, and many different locations. I happened to work in a music class one day, took the text, and wrote the names of every traditional song in the state textbook on the blackboard. I was familiar with all of them. I grew up surrounded by music. Music was a part of my identity and my familial environment, whether it was my dad playing swing, jazz and bossa nova, or my uncle playing all the traditional songs that I was now seeing written before me on the board. "

"I had a class of 5th graders coming in..and asked them to raise hand for each of the songs they were familiar with. I started with some of the more obscure songs..and was not terribly surprised when few, if any hands went up. By the time I got to songs I considered to be a huge part of American culture and hands still did not go up, I was shocked. I decided to do something to rectify the situation. I chose to teach elementary music instead of taking a classroom and Just Kidding became part of the plan to engulf children with the songs that are their heritage." .....................Lynn Quinones

Musical Notes

Jill Cruey is a musician who started out strumming in the kitchen. "I remember taking rubber bands and stretching them between different knobs on the cabinets to get different tones. I was about 4 years old. I believe that was my first stringed instrument. I played piano as a youngster and then guitar as a teenager. I received a banjo for high school graduation. Fiddling came later while raising three children in Wyoming.

Singing and playing music in the Just Kidding band brings out the roots and the backbone of our musical heritage. It is my pleasure to share our music with kids of all ages"..........................Jill Cruey


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